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What is Share a Pot ?

Share a Pot is a community-based project to improve the nutrition and fitness of community-dwelling seniors. In this project, seniors meet at centres within their own community to exercise and enjoy a bowl of nutritious soup together. This stimulates a prolonged increase in muscle synthesis for as long as 24 hours after. Beyond these weekly meet-ups, seniors take ownership of their own fitness by tracking the steps they take daily with a pedometer in exchange for reward stamps and tokens of participation. This gives the seniors the opportunity to not only fill their time with meaningful activities but also expand their social circle.

Who can sign up for Share a Pot ?

All seniors who are interested in improving or maintaining their health are encouraged to sign up. Alternatively, those interested in helping seniors within their communities may volunteer at the sites closest to them.

Where can I sign up for Share a Pot ?

Simply go down to any of the sites listed under 'sites' during share a pot sessions to sign up, and receive a pedometer to track your daily steps.

How much does it cost to participate?

The programmes are sponsored by contributions from organisations and individuals, so that you can participate at no cost. Pay-it-forward! Contribute in whichever way you can to the programme or someone else who needs your help.

What is the Share a Pot Steps Challenge?

To encourage seniors to take ownership of their own fitness, we provide them with a pedometer. If they track the steps they take daily and meet targets set according to their individual abilities, they receive stamps that can be exchanged for small tokens of participation.

Where can I get the recipes for Share a Pot soups?

All our recipes are modified and approved by a dietitian to maximise nutritional benefits for seniors. Apart from the 3 recipes under 'recipes', we currently have more than 10 soup recipes and we highly encourage all seniors to come down and share a pot together! Alternatively, you may enquire at our centres directly.

Where can I get more information about Share a Pot ?

Please contact us using the form, or simply drop-in to any of our sites during our Share a Pot sessions.

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